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Jan 22, 2018

We're talking about tired part of Grant Morrison's career, we'll probably get around the the good part someday.
New X-men v1
All-Star Superman v
Seven Soldiers of Victory v1

Also in this episode
Wedding plans
Comedic genital mutilation
Bendis' nearly dies
2017 Comics Sales numbers
Jess hates the best X-Man
The worst use...

Jan 6, 2018

The back half of our year in review.

Also in this episode:
ASMR weirdos
We get angry about Witches
Jess hates Saga
Ashley's writing triggers an MRA
Garth Ennis' porn habits
Victim Blaming
The concept of industry moment is stretched to the breaking point
Men are trash
Arbitrary seasonal distinctions


Dec 31, 2017

The first half of our Best and Worst of the 2017.

Also in this episode:
Support your local library
Ashley does not have time for bad puns
Jamie picks every publisher as his best
Jess' drug habits revealed
Alita: Battle Angel looks like a nightmare
Poorly used characters
Jess makes some bad picks


Dec 18, 2017

We're talking about the 900th attempt at a Spider-Man film.
Directed by Jon Watts Starring Tom Holland, Micheal Keaton, Jacob Batalon, Zendaya, and Marisa Tomei

Also in this Episode:
David Harbor Hellboy Talk
Wrong opinions about baking
Wrong opinions about Blade Trinity
Sony/Marvel creative control ratio
Do the Marvel...

Dec 8, 2017

Hack/Slash was created by writer and sometime penciler Tim Seeley. The series follows horror victim Cassie Hack as she strikes back at the monsters who prey upon teenagers. It's pretty gross, and not in the good way.
We read issues 1-17 of the Image series written by Tim Seeley and penciled by Emily Stone.

Also in this...