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Jul 15, 2017

We're talking Clean Room by Gail Simone, and Jon Davis-Hunt. Journalist Chloe Pierce’s fiancé committed suicide after reading Astrid’s book—and now Chloe is determined to find out who Astrid Mueller really is and learn the secret of the Clean Room, where your deepest fears are revealed.

Also in this episode:
RIP Joan Lee
Jess can't see the forest for the trees
Ashley doesn't realize we're recording
Scotts audio is messed up for the first 20 minutes. Don't worry, you aren't missing much
Jess snagged and interview with the artist of Clean Room
Andrew doesn't know when the British Invasion started
Jamie loves Arrow, hates Arrow fans
Backpedaling on comic book TV shows
If Arrow makes you feel like engaging in self-harm call: (800) 273-8255 (US) or 866 246 9224 (CAN)
Jamie nails the description of issue 1
Read John Dies At The End
Jess put more effort in to the comic than the writer
Dangling plot threads, and extraneous characters
Gail Simone lies through her teeth in an interview
Casual baby murder
Andrew's fedora starts poking out
Nomenclature anger
Jess scrambles to tie plot threads together
Jenny Frison love
Jess wildly over estimates the popularity of the book

Panelists: Jamie(@thatcomicfan), Ashley(@sierradean), Andrew(Banned from social media), Scott(@goddamnitscott), Jess (@GeekyChicky87)