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Apr 1, 2015

  • It's Comic Talk time again!

 - What we've read this week:

     - Ashley: Sex Criminals, Surface, Squirrel Girl, Ladykiller

     - Andrew: Bandette, Ragnarok

     - Ryan: a bunch of recent Marvel mutant books. Big surprise.

     - Jess: Postal, Southern Cross, Giant Days, Wytches, Inhuman, Tank Girl

     - Jamie: Rat Queens, Secret Avengers, Avengers, The Kitchen,Squirrel Girl

 - The News:

     - The Russo Bros to direct Avengers: Infinity War

     - X-Men: Apocalypse casting news

     - "Fuck Marvel" - Jason Momoa

     - Jesse Eisenberg as Lex Luthor. We dream-cast REAL actors in the role

     - Lazarus TV series? Ronda Rousey, please

     - Shout out to fellow Garbage Hill podcasters Loose Ropes Wrestling and Witchpolice Radio

     - 33 Marvel books are being cancelled in the next two months leading into Secret Wars. Would the comic book X-Men work better in their own Avenger-less Universe?

     - New Tank Girl mini-series!

     - Pizza Dog action figure (w/ stupid Hawkeye)

     - We get serious and discuss the Batgirl #41 Variant cover that homages Alan Moore's violent Killing Joke story

Next week we're talking Nazis and demons on our Mike Mignola feature!