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Apr 29, 2015

Comic Talk time!

 - Daredevil (Not a review yet, that's to come. We find out how deep Ashley is in the series)

 - the course on Superheroes taught by Stan Lee and Michael Uslan

 - May 2nd is Free Comic Book Day

 - Dominic Cooper to play the lead role in AMC's Preacher series

 - Lucifer TV series

 - Agents of SHIELD spin-off series announced

 - the development of the Phil Coulson character

 - Jamie's mini-review of last year's Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie, and the announcement that Stephen Amell will play Casey Jones in the sequel

 - New Fantastic Four teaser

 - Batman v Superman teaser

 - DC's new initiative to attract young female readers

 - Charles Soule to write Lando mini 

 - Andrew & Scott arrive

 - Review of All-New X-Men #40

 - Jared Leto's Suicide Squad Joker

 - Dark Knight III - The Master Race announced(ug)

 - Eisner Award nominees

 - Calgary ComiCon

Next week we read Mark Millar comics and talk about them