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Jun 4, 2015

What have we been reading?

 - Ashley - Hawkeye vs Deadpool, Hellblazer

 - Scott - Black Market, Burn The Orphanage, Cthulhu Tales, Re-Animator, Deadpool

 - Jess - Thor, Wytches, Giant Days, Star Wars, Darth Vader, Squirrel Girl, Gothan Academy, Wayward

 - Jamie - Bitch Planet, Darth Vader, Giant Days, Moon Knight, Princess Leia, SHIELD, Secret Avengers, Star Wars, The Kitchen

The Rise of the Superhero in Popular Culture Smithsonian course.

New Mutants film announced.

Matthew Mcconaughey in a Marvel or DC movie?

Suicide Squad news.

DC variant covers.

Archie crowdfunding fiasco.

Lucifer trailer.

Supergirl trailer.

Legends of Tomorrow trailer.

Agents of SHIELD season finale.

Arrow and Flash season finales.

Next week you get the first of two Daredevil episodes as we explore his print and screen adventures