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Dec 19, 2014

Join us for our second discussion episode where half of us were fighting colds!

 We chat about recent developments in the world of comics including:

 - The recent "Superman Scores Again/Batman's Wife" t-shirt & "DC Superhero boardgame with NO playable female characters" fiascos.

 - The practicality of superhero costumes and the lack of pants for super-ladies.

 - The just-announced live-action Riverdale series.

 - Viva La Multiverse! DC's Convergence and Marvel's Secret War promise to get all epic and stuff in 2015.

 - We mention Geoff Johns and threaten to base an entire episode on discussion of his work.

 - C Tates is Gambit! and how Fox will handle the character, considering their last few Mutant films have actually been good.

 - More Suicide Squad film speculation.

 - Tom Cruise Rules.

 - The evolution of superhero movies and their rebirth in the CG age.

 - StarLord on Agents of SHIELD? and general gushing about Chris Pratt.

 - We review the first two issues of Jason Aaron's new Thor series. #axegate