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Jun 17, 2015

The conversation flows and jumps around a bit, but we touch on the following:

 - Squirrel Girl ramblings start off the show

 - Wilson Fisk, played by Vincent D'Onofrio

 - The benefits of a 13 hour series as opposed to a 2 hour film

 - It's an origin story, but things other than his origin happen

 - Matt Murdock, played by Charlie Cox

 - Ben Urich, played by Vondie Curtis-Hall

 - Intense violence

 - Claire Temple, played by Rosario Dawson

 - Matt is a ladies man

 - Karen Page, played by Deborah Ann Woll

 - Foggy Nelson, played by Eldon Henson

 - Every character is portrayed as human, rather than simply good or evil

 - James Wesley, played by Toby Leonard Moore

 - Vanessa Marianna, played by Ayelet Zurer

 - The fights

 - Stick, played by Scott Glenn

 - Not calling Gladiator, Night Nurse, and The Owl by their super-code-names

 - The advantages of a second viewing

 - We each give our personal rating of the series