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Feb 8, 2017

Part two of the best and worst of 2016! (Now with 100% more boozahol!) 

In this exciting conclusion:

  • Udon Comics doesn't care about Cammy/decency.
  • Jamie has had too much to drink!
  • Jess loves all comic covers.
  • A terrible Jughead redesign is proposed.
  • Jess is more upset about Andrews worst character pick than he is .
  • Everybody hates Gwenpool.
  • Old jokes get rehashed.
  • We all like David Ayer a whole lot more than we did a month ago.
  • Nobody cares what Benedict Cumberbatch actual name is.
  • BvS is worse than spending time with badly decayed cadavers.
  • A really terribly executed metaphor

Panelists: Jamie, Ashley, Andrew, Scott, Jess