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Mar 12, 2017

Ugh, We're talking about Suicide Squad.
In this episode:
  • A brief attempt to explain Secret Wars.
  • Scott hates Uber for the dumbest reason.
  • A desperate attempt to avoid talking about Suicide Squad.
  • Jess bothers to show up. (Thanks Jess.)
  • Ashley attempts to shame Jamie and Scott. Shame her @iserradean.
  • Actually, you might as well shame us too. @goddamnitscott @thatcomicfan
  • Jamie immediately loses control. (Not really uncommon)
  • This movie has serious problems with its depictions of women.
  • Bold statements about Fan4stic vs. Suicide Squad.
  • Star Trek Into Darkness Chat.
  • Watch Star Trek Beyond instead.
  • We care about the Joker/Harley Quinn a whole lot more than David Ayer.
  • The costume design in this movie are terribad.
  • We try make a better version better version of this movie.


Panelists: Jamie, Ashley, Andrew, Ryan, Scott, Jess