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May 16, 2017

Is Logan the best superhero movie yet? No, but it's still pretty good. Directed by James Mangold Starring: Hugh Jackman, Dafne Keene, Patrick Stuart

Also in this episode:
Poorly concealed X-Men spoilers.
Chinese film standards.
Ashley gets mean.
Scott has an unpopular opinion. Shocker.
Unearned character moments.
A ton of character motivation talk.
Jess loses the thread.
None of us are able to adequately empathize with the view of an eleven year old.
Missed cameo opportunities.
Xavier is diagnosed with helpful follow along instructions.
We recast this movie with David Tennant as Wolverine.
Terrible health recommendations.
Scott & Jamie get angry at Iron Fist.

Panelists: Jamie, Ashley, Andrew, Scott, Jess