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Feb 11, 2015

We're analyzing the superhero comic writing of Geoff Johns on this episode! We tackle four of his highest profile writing gigs:

 - Avengers (1998) #57-mid-60s, the "World Trust" and (part of) "Red Zone" story arcs. 

 - The Sinestro Corps War (2007), a science fiction epic published in the Lantern monthlies and a number of one-shots during the last half of 2007, which helped to introduce the concept of the Emotional Spectrum as colour-based cosmic clans.

 - Flashpoint (2011) #1-5. the controversial mini-series that...was controversial.

 - Forever Evil (2014) #1-7, DC's first big line-wide crossover event series since the post-Flashpoint inception of the New52!, with Lex Luthor as the protagonist.


Speaking of the New52!, make sure to tune in to next week's Comic Talk for our thoughts on DC's latest announced overhaul of it's comic line... will it cause us to buy more or less DC comics, and how will it compare to the post-Secret Wars Marvel U? We'll also be reviewing Marvel's Darth Vader #1, written by Kieron Gillen!