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Jul 25, 2019

We watched every Punisher Movie.

The Punisher (1989)
Dir: Mark Goldblatt
Starring: Dolph Lundgren, Lou Gossett Jr.
Budget: $9 Million
Box Office: $500,000 est.

The Punisher (2004)
Dir: Jonathan Hensleigh
Starring: Thomas Jane, John Travolta
Budget: $33 Million
Box Office $54.7 Million

Punisher: War Zone
Dir: Lexi Alexander
Starring: Ray Stevenson, Dominic West
Budget: $35 Million
Box Office: $10.1 Million

The Punisher: Dirty Laundry
Dir: Phil Joanou
Starring: Thomas Jane, Ron Perlman

Punisher '66
Dir: Jordan Olds
Starring: Jordan Olds, Lucy Steiner, Drew Kaufman

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Panelists: Jamie(@thatcomicfan), Ashley(@sierradean), Scott(@goddamnitscott), Jess (@GeekyChicky87)