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Mar 18, 2015

Topics this week include:

 - What We've Read This Week - 

     Ashley: Spider-Gwen

     Andrew: Rat Queens, Spider-Man & the X-Men, Bandette

     Jessica C: The Wicked + the Divine

     Jessica B: Night of the Living Deadpool, Girls With Slngshots, Thor, Operation S.I.N.

     Jamie: Avengers, Secret Avengers, The Kitchen

 - Suicide Squad news: Jared Leto, Ed Harris, Joe Manganiello, and Chris Pine

 - Post-New52! DC character costume changes

 - No more Fish Mooney on Gotham! and we compare it unfavorably to the OC and Dawson's Creek

 - The announced Flash/Arrow spin-off show

 - Milking the Guardians, including new Groot and Knowhere comic series

 - Grant Morrison's New X-Men to be re-visited during Secret Wars

 - New Archie series details

 - Review of Howard the Duck #1

 - Review of Princess Leia #1

Next week we're discussing the writing of Kelly Sue Deconnick, including Captain Marvel, Pretty Deadly, and Bitch Planet!