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Aug 6, 2015

In the first part of our two-week Ant-Man Extravaganza (which we will be doing for all subsequent comic-related films and their corresponding newsprint source materials), we examine the Marvel Studios Ant-Man film starring Paul Rudd, Evangeline Lilly, and Michael Douglas and directed by Peyton Reed.

 - two of us hate Jane Foster

 - Michael Pena

 - is Jess a hologram?

 - Judy Greer

 - a good child actor?

 - the ugliest bunny in the world

 - Hank Pym / Michael Douglas

 - Tales To Astonish!

 - Lang gets little

 - Antony and the Ants

 - Falcon vs Ant-Man

 - an origin story that isn't insufferably boring

 - Evangeline Lilly, the Wasp suit, and plot inconsistencies

 - robbers vs burglars

 - training montage

 - the portrayal of Hope van Dyne and, in general, women in the MCU. Foster, Mockingbird, Freya, Kamala Khan, etc.

 - Yellowjacket vs. Ant-Man

 - Thomas the Tank Engine, giant ants, and The Cure

 - 3D and The Quantum Realm

 - we rate it!

Next week we're talking Ant-Man in the comics!