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Aug 12, 2015

This week we take a lil trip through Ant-Man comics history. We'e examining some key stories featuring all three major Marvel Ant-Men.

 - The problem with 60s superhero comics

HANK PYM - Imagine if self doubt were a person.

 - Avengers #54-57 (1968) by Roy Thomas and John Buscema

 - Avengers #212-230 (1981-1983) by Jim Shooter and others

 - Mighty Avengers #21-36 (2009-2010) by Dan Slott and Christos Gage

 - Ant-Man and Wasp #1-3 (2011) by Tim Seeley

 - Rage of Ultron original graphic novel (2015) by Rick Remender and Jerome Opena

SCOTT LANG - Seriously! I was DEAD then!

 - Marvel Premiere featuring The Astonishing Ant-Man #47-48 (!979) by David Micheline and John Byrne 

 - FF #1-8 (2012) by Matt Fraction and Mike Allred

 - Ant-Man #1-3 (2015) by Nick Spencer and Ramon Rosanas

ERIC O' GRADY - Makes Deadpool seem wholesome.

 - The Irredeemable Ant-Man #1-12 (2006-2007) by Robert Kirkman and Phil Hester

 - Thunderbolts #128-136 (2009-2010) by Andy Diggle and others

 - Secret Avengers #1-5 (2010) by Ed Brubaker and Mike Deodato

 - Ant-Man and Wasp #1-3 (2011) (see also: Hank)

 - at some point Eric's stomped to death by robot superheroes while saving a young girl?

We sum up our thoughts on the legacy of the Ant-Man character

Next week we're talking about the stuff we've read recently, including Lando #1, Injection #1-3, Black Canary #2, and stacks more!!