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Feb 3, 2016

This week we're reviewing Marvel's first batch of new in-canon Star Wars titles. Inevitably, we touch on The Force Awakens a bit, so spoiler warning, I guess? 

We're testing for midichlorian levels in the following books:

 - Star Wars volume 1 by Jason Aaron and John Cassaday

 - Darth Vader volume 1 by Kieron Gillen and Salvador Larocca

 - Princess Leia by Mark Waid and the Dodsons

 - Shattered Empire by Greg Rucka and Marco Checchetto

 - we touch briefly on the Lando, Chewbacca, and Kanan series, as well as engaging in a spontaneous Jane Foster skirmish. 

Next week we once again answer the question: What Are We Reading?