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Dec 8, 2014

Welcome to the debut episode of The Last Panel Podcast, where we talk comics. Nonstop.

We will alternate between "Comic Talk" and "Review" episodes, and for our first outing, we answer some questions. Is DC's just-announced film schedule too ambitious? What's with this Suicide Squad cast? How many times will we have to watch the Batman and Superman origin stories onscreen? Will Wonder Woman live up to expectations?  Can you play as Geoff Johns in Lego Batman 3? Will Jeff Lemire only be writing bow & arrow characters from now on? Marvel's Secret Wars: Awesome Hickman sci-fi madness or "New52-esque" reboot? When will Wolvie be back from the grave? And, are the new fall batch of comic book TV shows any good?
Join us in four days (once we catch up, it'll be weekly) for our first review episode, we talk about Greg Rucka and Michael Lark's Image Comics series Lazarus!
(note: this episode was recorded on October 18, 2014)