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Feb 19, 2020

They make comics about anything.
Snake Mountain by Kubota Watari
The Message by Yukari Ichijo & Akikio Monden
The Climber by Shinichi Sakamoto
Encouragement of Climb by Shiro

Also in this episode:
Pivioting to music review
Junji Ito style dicks
Hair Styling chats
Jessicas' toilet habits
Dick suckin' lips
Jessica =...

Feb 4, 2020

CW: Racism, child abuse, regular abuse, misogyny
We read Matt Wagner's Grendel a story of crime, violence, bad bad art, misogyny, a pretty cool vampire, and deep trash.

Grendel Omnibus v1 by Matt Wagner, Tim Sale, David Mack, Duncan Fegredo, Mike Allred, Guy Davis, Teddy Kristiansen, Ashley Wood, Mike Huddleston, Dean...