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Sep 4, 2015

We're catching up on the latest comic related news stories this week:

 - Moon Girl & Devil Dinosaur

 - Star Wars by Greg Rucka

 - what comics does Scott LOVE?

 - New League of Extraordinary Gentlemen series announced

 - James Spader's voice is like butter

 - the Science of Lightsabers (nerds)

 - Steven Amell on Raw and SummerSlam

 - Patrick Stewart cast in final Wolverine film

 - RIP Route 29 Batman

 - Tom Hardy to produce and star in 100 Bullets film

 - Brian Azzarello

 - Jess and Scott fight

 - First look at Punisher, Black Panther, and Crossbones in costume

 - Ronda Rousey wants to be Captain Marvel, but who would actually be a GOOD choice?

 - Haley Atwell as The Doctor?

 - Fantastic Four sucks, more to come on that next week

 - Mark Hamill demands he voice the Joker once again

 - a date with Destiny

 - RIP Yvonne Craig

 - Annie Wu to replace Fiona Staples on Archie

 Next week we review the catastrophic Fantastic Four film!