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Nov 27, 2015

This week we're reminiscing about late October's Comic Con experience and the latest TV and movie news:

 - ComiCon table placement

 - Awesome cosplayers

 - We love talking comics!

 - Local friends we met at the Con this year and some of the projects they're working on

 - Scott may have put a Last Panel business card in your pocket without you knowing

 - Stuff we bought

 - Celebrities we saw

 The News!

 - Ash vs Evil Dead is great

 - Ashley doubts Jess

 - The debut of Supergirl

 - Constantine on Arrow

 - Could Constantine be picked up by another network?

 - The Future of Watching Stuff

 - Trailer for Preacher

 - Jeffery Dean Morgan cast as Negon in The Walking Dead

 - Jessica Jones hype

 - Moon Knight tangent

 - Marvel bedsheets

 - Iron Man #2's sales way down from #1

 - CBR's top 50 Marvel and top 50 DC characters

 - Still trying to figure out wtf was with that Fantastic Four movie

 - Reshoots for Deadpool

 - #ForceForDaniel

Next week we're reading more Matt Fraction books, focusing on his Image Comics work!