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Jan 3, 2015

In this episode, we feature a discussion of as many of the comic books written by Charles Soule as we could read, including:

 - Red Lanterns for DC. Guy Gardner has never had more interesting motivations or facial hair.

 - Death Of Wolverine for Marvel. A fitting tribute to an overworked mutant who deserves some rest.

 - She-Hulk for Marvel. By FAR the most compelling portayal of Jennifer Walters in the character's history.

 - The implications of his recently signed Marvel-exclusive contract.

 - Thunderbolts for Marvel.

 - Swamp Thing for DC.

 - Letter 44 for Oni Press.

 - Superman/Wonder Woman for DC.

 - If we HAD to choose, what Charles Soule book would we recommend?

It's our BEST OF 2014 episode next week!